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JhedronLucksparThe Rabbit Chronicles are a series of connected short stories that were started at Swecon, The Steampunk Festival at Gavle in Sweden. I was there launching my new book of Sci Fi short stories, Equations Of Being, with my friend and fellow author, Lord Stiletto.

I started writing a story based on events that were taking place and people that we met and included them in the story. As the stories have progressed I have woven threads of real events and imagination to create stories that amuse me. Since returning from Swecon I have emailed out  stories to friends and Sci Fi enthusiasts who gave me their email addresses at Sci Fi Conferences.

I have taken a break from the blog for several months. The book, The Rabbit Chronicles is now finished and will be available soon with a great cover by my good friend Faramond Frie.



1      Plus                    This story appeared in my book of short stories, Equations Of Being, and introduces
                                  Lord Stiletto

2     The Rabbit

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